New phone holder on my Corolla Touring! (iPhone14Pro)


We have recently replaced our iPhoneXS, which we have used for about 4 years, with the iPhone14Pro, and this has led us to install a new phone holder!

The previous magnetic type could no longer support the iPhone14Pro, which has become larger and heavier.

So, as a result of searching for a MagSafe compatible smartphone holder for iPhone, I found a product that looks pretty good, so I would like to introduce it to you.


Only one particular thing, and that is the type that attaches to the air conditioner vent.

I didn’t want to attach a suction cup to the dashboard, so I looked for a clip-type product to attach to the air conditioner vent. As a result, I found the first product.

First purchase ESR HaloLock wireless charging

First of all, I bought a product called “ESR HaloLock” which cools down the phone by rotating the fan. (I was attracted by the fact that it is for MagSafe compatible iPhones, the magnetic force is strong, and the cooling fan glows blue, so I bought it without hesitation.

The fan uses a USB cable, so I had to connect a separate USB cable from the one connected to Apple CarPlay, but I didn’t mind because I could use either the terminal in the center console or the terminal at the rear of the center console console.

However, when I received the product and installed it, I was puzzled by the size of the product.

When I had searched for the product on the Internet, I had imagined the size of the product to be the size of a standard magnet holder.

When I took the product out of the box, I did not feel any discomfort with the size of the product, but when I actually installed it in the driver’s seat, I noticed the size of the product for the first time.

It is for MagSafe-compatible models, so it is inevitable that the magnetic part is large, but this product is not round but rectangular, so the size is even more noticeable.

The magnetic force is perfect and the holder is hidden when the iPhone is attached, so I thought, “Well, that’s OK,” but the presence of this product when the iPhone is not attached is so overwhelming that I ended up removing it because the size was bothering me.

I ended up removing it because I was worried about its size. However, the circle around the magnet glows blue in conjunction with the small!

The clip part that grabs the fins of the air conditioner vent is also too big and could only be installed in the middle of the vent.

Second purchase: DesertWest car holder

The second one I purchased is the “DesertWest In-Car Holder” (first photo on the right).

This one is circular in shape and the same size as the charging part of MagSsfe, so it has a sense of presence even when the iPhone is not attached, but it is not so large that it feels uncomfortable, so I am currently using this product.

The feature of this product is that the tip of the clip that holds the fins of the air conditioner is designed so that the top and bottom of the clip engage each other at the back of the clip.

There is no worry that the holder itself will come off toward the front when pulling off the iPhone, which is held firmly without wobbling by the strong magnetic force.

I have been using it for almost two months now and it has never come off.

So this product has taken over the regular position.

However, a little modification is required to install it in the Corolla series

The lower part of the display audio system is shaped to slightly block the upper part of the air conditioner blower vent. Because of this, the stopper that prevents the body of the holder from tilting up and down interferes and the clip does not go deep enough. Therefore, either cutting or shaving the stopper by 4 to 5 mm is necessary.

This point is not a defect of the product but a problem on the Corolla side, but it may be a negative point for those who are not good at processing.

Reasons for choosing DesertWest over ESR HaloLock

The simplicity of holding the iPhone with a magnet is good!

The biggest reason is that I have AppleCarPlay connected to the cable, and I wanted to avoid having to connect more cables to turn the fan.

The clip that grabs the fins of the blower vent engages at the back, so there is no need to worry about the holder slipping off!

The holder attaches securely as described on the product page, so there is no worry about it wobbling or coming off. It also does not shake up and down, so there is no rattling noise while driving.

Strong magnetic force holds even the larger and heavier iPhone14Pro firmly in place.

So far, I have never felt uneasy while driving. It is so strong that I need to use light force to remove it.

We recommend DesertWest’s MagSafe compatible smartphone holder to the following people!

  • People who use large smartphones.
  • People who do not want to attach suction cups to the dashboard.
  • Those who have experienced a near miss when their phone unexpectedly detached from the holder while driving.
  • Those who want to easily detach and reattach their phone.

We would like to recommend DesertWest’s smartphone holder to these people.


The Corolla series is a series of cars that struggle to find a place to put things, so more ingenuity is required for storage in the car than in other cars.

However, this is where you have to show your skill, or rather your sense of style, and you will find a variety of goods on the Internet or at car stores.

Since I purchased the Corolla Touring, I have been enjoying this aspect of the car more and more.

Driving after finding the right item is even more exciting and fun than usual.

I would like to continue to enjoy the trial and error process in order to make my car a car that I can continue to drive for a long time.

I would also like to share this information on this blog.
Thank you for reading to the end.

See you again in the next article.

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